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January 13, 2007

Some more music

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As with Alan, there is something I didn’t include in my last article, and I am ever so ashamed for this error.  However, there are five minutes left of my day so it’s not too late.  So here it is.

Record of the Week

Every Friday on this very page before your eyes shall be announced a record so stupifyingly incredible, meaningful and beautiful that I see fit to deem it Record of the Week. There shall be no real rhyme nor reason to what record I choose. It may be a record out that week, it may be an old forgotten classic, it may just be what I choose to hum at that very moment in time. What they shall all have in common however is their brilliance. And first on this soon to be legendary feature is the good people of Vegetable Revolution with their take on Band Aid’s Do They Know It’s Christmas?, affectionatlely reworked as Do They Know It’s VR? by the flexible Colin. With vocal talents from such greats as some people off VR, it captures the true meaning of what it is to a regular on an internet forum. Majestic. 10/10.  And yes, it has me singing on it.  But where?!?!?

And here it is, free to download: VR – Do They Know It’s VR?


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