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March 4, 2007

Sunday 4th March-Introducing…Eddie Harrison.

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I really love MySpace sometimes. I abhor the addictive nature of the quizzes, the bulletins from kids about their new blogs and the black and white poser pictures. I hate it when bad music blasts out from the page every time I click on someone’s profile but still, I really love MySpace sometimes.
My love affair with it only really started, last November. I added the Guillemots to my friends and they were the first band I added to my friends. I’d refrained on the principle that these bands weren’t really my friends and I shouldn’t really add them. They wouldn’t come with me to buy my prom dress; they don’t mock my inability to open doors or play ‘Spammy Spamala’ with my forehead. But the Guillemots do make beautiful music and I would be overjoyed to have them as my friends. Anyway, I discovered the benefits of having a band as your friend on MySpace as you are made aware of events that you would not have ordinarily known about. For example, a bulletin from Fyfe Dangerfield (I really wish I was friends with him so I could tell him that he shares his surname with George Dangerfield and if they are related, to please tell George- who I suspect is dead- that he’s wrong about the Liberal decline) informed me of an intimate, candlelit gig in Bush Hall, last December. I hopped along to inform Fyfe of the George link and listen to the beautiful music that he makes. I never got a chance to tell Fyfe but I did fall in love with the support act, Emmy the Great. She was wonderful and I immediately ‘googled’ her the next day and added her to MySpace. While looking around on her page, I noticed a boy called Eddie Harrison who had a wonderful song called Our Hopes at Christmas on his page, which he had just released as a single.

Eddie is 17 years old and lives in Lincoln (although, he is originally from London). He gigs in various places around Lincoln and his fan base appears to be located in and around that area. He writes songs about his trousers, drunken parties, and his dog’s fleas. He is as lovely as his lovely songs so I added him to my growing circle of musical friends. Without the MySpace chain of events, I’d have never have heard of Eddie Harrison and for that, we should all thank Tom or Rupert Murdoch or my descent into MySpace whoredom. So, here is my interview with the lovely, Eddie Harrison.

What do you think makes for a bad nipple?
Haha. What a great first question! I guess it would be bad if it was really hairy or resembled a celebrity or if it wasn’t round like normal. If it was a hexagon or parallelogram that would be a bit weird. But it doesn’t matter what you have really, it’s what’s inside that counts.

Who is your biggest musical influence?
Well, I have three main influences that are all equal and influence me in different ways. Emmy the Great is my favourite artist of all. I totally bum her. I just sit there listening to her, feeling all these emotions and sometimes nearly shedding a tear. Haha, oh yeah, and I have sort of a teenage crush on her too so I sit with my head on my hand day dreaming. But I just try and make my music a bit like hers and make people feel different emotions. It doesn’t have to make you think but if it makes you smile or happy then that’s great! I really like the half-arsed way that Aidan Smith records. His recordings sound so warm and friendly, that’s what I liked about them and try and achieve in my songs. And finally, Jim Noir. He plays all his instruments himself and arranges it really well! That’s what I like, how he puts all the different parts of a song and the instruments together. He’s a legend. In fact, they all are!

What comes first, music or lyrics?
It’s always the music that comes first. I find it hard fitting the music to lyrics I’ve already written. I find that once I’ve written all the music for a song the lyrics will just come out and flow naturally.

Is ‘art’ dead?
No way! There are loads of new artists that I’ve seen that amaze me with their skill and originality, for instance…the guy who did the artwork for my first single – Our Hopes at Christmas. He’s called Prabes Limbu  and he’s from Nepal and he’s amazing! As soon as I saw his work I just messaged him and asked him to do it and he said yes. He just got to work straight away and came up with some great concepts for it. Lots of my friends are really arty and they come up with good stuff all the time. I just wish I was as arty and good at that sort of thing. But I guess I have music as my art, but if you looked at my music as if it was art it would look like something a 5 year old had done. Probably.

What made you write about trousers? Was it simply a pent up frustration at their inadequacies or rather, the result of a 3am drunken musings?
Well maybe the inadequacies of those particular trousers – the fact they simply couldn’t stay up on their own. And they kept falling down. I really should’ve worn a belt to be honest. Live and learn, but if I had have worn one I wouldn’t have written the song but I would have been more comfortable and less stressed. Vicious circle. Drunken musings, at my age?! I don’t think so haha.

How important are your surroundings and living in Lincoln in creating your music?
Ah, I don’t really get influenced by Lincoln itself, just the people who live in it and the stuff that happens here. But nobody who I see to be influential to me, musically, has played in the local area. I’ve had to go out and discover the music that I really like myself. So it hasn’t really helped that much to help me create my music. I haven’t even bought the equipment I use here! Just off eBay or been given it and stuff. So really, it’s not that important! But I do like being here, it’s safe.

You’re 17 years old, and you’ve released your own single already, is world domination the next step or are you going to take time out to mature your sound?
Well, maybe world domination would be round the corner if I’d actually sold any! I’ve actually taken a bit of time off to write and record some new stuff but I’ve only sold about 10 out of 40 copies of the CD, but I guess I haven’t played any gigs since I released it, they got cancelled which was a bummer. Lots of people want it so that’s good!! I really want to play lots more shows, especially in my home town of London and maybe build up more of a fan base but my ambition this year is to support Emmy the Great!

I found you through Emmy the Great’s Myspace page, how far do you think the internet, and My Space in particular has changed the way people access new music?
It has totally changed it. It’s so much more convenient as well, especially with music downloading. You can purchase the song you want at anytime come rain or shine! If you really want something at 3 in the morning you can get it at a click of a button. It’s a little harder if you are relatively unknown on My Space, i.e. you haven’t got many friends/page views. I think that helps a lot. I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten more fans and views then its one big domino effect, more people get to listen to your music and like it and get to listen to it! And I’m not even gigging that often. But it’s great; people from around the country can hear you that may not necessarily would get to hear you play live. I’ve discovered a lot of the music I like at the minute through My Space.

How has gigging all over Lincoln helped you in developing your musical style? Do you have an on stage persona yet?
Well, onstage, I really am just myself! I don’t try to be who I’m not, or do anything to make me stand out, I just be myself. I do ramble a bit though but it makes people laugh a lot and smile so that’s good I suppose. I’m quite shy too and get pretty nervous so maybe that helps me get a long with the audience a bit and getting the laughs. From playing live, I’ve realised that my style works really well but only if people listen to it. I don’t really make good background noise, you have to listen to the words and the music and the post song banter because it’s all entertainment and all the enjoyment. I’m quite spontaneous too with what I say and I like the audience to be involved so I can engage with them. At my last gig I had a conversation about baking from on the stage with someone stood at the back!

Will you be moving to a big city type area for university/work? Do you think that will change how you make music and play gigs?
I’d love to move to either Manchester because its music scene is quite similar to that sort of music I play with such acts as Aidan Smith and Jim Noir or move to London because it’s got so many venues across the city and such a diverse range of places to play and people to play too! In Lincoln, there aren’t that many people to play to and once you have played a bit you get your fans there aren’t any more people but it would be great to go somewhere where you convert lots of new people every time rather than just playing to the same people. But I do love that though, I’m really friendly with my fans, I love them, they’re the best! They’re so nice and easy to get along with I wouldn’t give them up. I think I’m a big city boy really, just stuck in a small city. There’d also be so many cool, likeminded new people to meet who’d be just like me that I could be best friends with. Emmy the Great has lots of great musicians she works with who all live in London with her and that’s what I like. Even to collaborate with her or something would be immense.

In your BBC interview, it said you were born in Ealing, but were you born in Ealing Hospital? That’d be really cool because I drive by there en route to certain places. My mum points it out as the place where various cousins were born, so next time, I’ll be all ‘dude, Eddie Harrison was born there’ to her back if you were?
Haha, yeah! I was indeed born in Ealing Hospital! My mum nearly died though, she lost a lot of blood. It was a stressful birth, I pooed on myself when I came out.

You can buy Eddie’s single, Our Hopes at Christmas for £4 from his MySpace page. Go forth and buy, my little Patchers. Go forth and pimp!


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  1. nice find thanks. Great blog too btw.

    Comment by don — March 4, 2007 @ 9:29 pm | Reply

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