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March 27, 2007

Tuesday 27th March 2007

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Perhaps the most interesting new item this week was that poet Carol Ann Duffy admitted to murder. Sorry, that’s not quite accurate. In fact, the murder in question was that of Paul Kelly, 32 in Bath, and the author of the poem now strewn about the city is…still unknown.

“The truth is there like an open grave, a defenceless man is dead and his blood’s gone cold, but the story of his end is going to be told….”With verse such as that, I’m unsurprised the author remains anonymous, though I daresay it’d liven up a GCSE anthology. BBC news (and the police) suggest that this literary masterpiece can help solve the tragic murder of the above father of two. However, if it has taken 35 detectives so far to attempt to interpret the subtle nuances veiled within Crimewatch’s newest public notice, why can’t they find something? Furthermore, 11 people so far have been arrested and released on bail or with no charge; if the poem is so transparent, why not ask school children to interpret it? They may have more luck with the innocence of youth and their taught notions of metaphors, similes and elegiac devices than the knowledgeable Bobbies. £10,000 is up for grabs for people with information about the murder, and apparently, the poem suggests (without use of imagery, rhyming couplets or alliteration) that several people “almost certainly know the identity of Paul Kelly’s killer”. And yet these people still are disinclined to ‘fess up their knowledge, just to let a family get some rest, grieve properly, and justice finally be served. Tragic. 

More breaking news from the BBC is that “poverty can do lasting damage to a child’s chance of progressing in life…” Yes. Though not everyone from poorer backgrounds can now afford to go to university (thank-you for our top up fees, Mr Blair, and thank-you for your wax-lyrical support to end poverty, MPs), afford a meal or school uniforms (not just due to the JSA benefit system being supremely poorly managed, incompetent and bunglingly inefficient), there are no safe outdoor play areas for them. Possibly because every spare bit of land has been commandeered for housing by Bovis, all the parks are packed with White Lightning swilling teens, and cars roam free range across the land. And because places like council estates are dismal, tarmacked areas potentially littered with spent needles and broken glass. We need to fix up our own country too. The old adage: the rich get richer whilst the poor grow malnourished and cannot even celebrate a family birthday has rung so true since before the Poor Law set in 1601 and children were forced to work. Yes, children in Africa and
India and other “third world” countries are worse off, but we need to do something about this in our country, here and now. The government’s target for this is 2020.

In other news, Heathrow’s Terminal 5 will now be hosting the FA Cup, and all matches leading up to it. 10 whole football pitches can fit in it, which should reduce some of the boredom faced by travellers attempting to check in when the next TERROR ALERT! means hours of delays, more stupid security checks (this has been modified into the new building, with a larger security desk! Oh my! Just think, a larger surface area can stop a bomb, anthrax or even a can of coca cola. Technology is amazing, these days.), though apparently “self service” means less queuing; as does the 94 baggage drops and 12,000 processed bags an hour. Yes, it’s amazing how innovative our methods of reducing global warming are these days, truly amazing.


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  1. hehehe i love the dig at the end 😀

    Comment by Amie — March 28, 2007 @ 5:14 pm | Reply

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