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April 16, 2007

Tuesday 17th April 2007.

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Good day, Patchers. This week, the evils of essay writing have kidnapped me and diverted my attentions away from the lovely Patch. This is bad. But fear not, for the more than capable Andrew Clifton is here to fill in.

So, this week we lead with with a story we’re sure you’ve all heard (and laughed) about, that of Rachael Bell, 17, who advertised a house party on MySpace expecting 30 – 40 guests but ended up with more like 200, some coming all the way from London.

Needless to say the house got wrecked, causing an estimated £20,000 worth of damage, fag ends were stubbed out on the carpet, jewellery was stolen and someone had a wee on her Mum’s wedding dress.

Since the incident Rachael has gone into hiding, and wrote an apology in Friday’s Sunderland Echo (her local newspaper), saying “It was just supposed to be a party with a few friends and it turned into a complete nightmare. I’m sorry, Mam”. She claims that her account was hacked and warns others of advertising parties on the site. Rachael’s mum Elaine said bemoans that the party goers who have left her house in such a mess are “worse than animals”, claiming “it’s like house rape.”

The Bells have moved out of the house whilst they have it professionally cleaned and are living in temporary accommodation. The incident has been reported to Police who are investigating a complaint of criminal damage and pledged to speak to “as many of the party-goers as we can”. You just know she’s in so much trouble.

Moving on, Prince William split with long term girlfriend Kate Middleton over the weekend. The pair met whilst studying St Andrews University in 2001 but the media pressure on them and long distance relationship since William began training for the Army at Camp Bovington in Dorset have apparently put a strain them.

Long has there been talk of another Royal Wedding to rival that of his mother and father before him, but look how that turned out… Given his past experience of marriage, Wills has unsurprisingly said in the past that he’ll be holding off on marriage for a while, which no doubt thrilled Kate.

And so it’s over. The story has been all over the papers so we’re sure you’ve read about this, although depending on which paper you’ve read you’ll no doubt have a different account of goings on.

The Daily Mirror reported that Prince William split with Kate by mobile phone on Wednesday, whilst The Sun claim they agreed to separate during a March holiday in the Alps. So which is it? Well, we’re not that sure, but if we find out we’re sure you’ll already know.


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