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April 25, 2007

Monday 23rd- Snapshots

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There’s been little going on in the world of late: university shootings, celebrity deaths, global warming and essays (hence why this is being posted two days late), so it’s hard to muse when you’ve been cooped up inside your breezeblock room searching through papers on Apartheid Africa….Scrubs’ Jordan says it’s bad, incidentally.

Anyhow, besides that, this week has been mostly preparing for a fancy dress party. Charity shops have been rummaged through to no avail and have lost their charm, really. Some are showing the despised “vintage” and “retro” stores what’s what by hyping up their prices- which is good as the money does go to a good cause, but when you can get t-shirts for practically pennies from Primark, Asda George, Tescos and the like, you really begin to wonder who buys the stuff. Especially when some of it is so hideous! But it’s for a good cause, and so any little donation is welcome (even when it’s the shifty-looking old man with a grey beard who surrepticiously purchases the basque, stockings and suspender belt), though those people who hunt around, buy the best stuff and then flog it on eBay for their own profit are frankly despicable.

Fashion is circular. Every item in stores at the moment is a colourful throwback to the worst things that came out of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Some of the flourescent patterns and combinations are nauseous, so I’d hate to be surrounded by hundreds of people on the dancefloor all wearing similar togs, seeing the room sway and adding to the decor with a Technicolour yawn that might make some of the apparel more tasteful. Don’t get me wrong, some people can pull these clothes off, seemingly miraculously, but still they can don them and manage to look ok or even good. But some cuts are designed so that they actually don’t manage to suit anyone, also some colours. See mustard, see skinny jeans. Combine the two, add a shellsuit jacket in lurid turquoise and pink (I’m surprised these haven’t come back) and a mullet (the Pat Sharpe parasitical beastie that sucks out your brain when it lands on your head) and it is truly awful. Yet I wouldn’t be surprised if some folks would wear it if it was in fashion.

I don’t really mind, it’s all opinion anyway. Personally, I don’t like really pointy boots. If I tried to wear a babydoll dress I’d look like a pregnant lady with a backside that could eat half of Manchester and probably has, but these suit some people, and some like them. Just why oh why must the shops be filled with some truly awful clothing that makes you wince? A book once informed me that timeless classics are better than fashion that comes and goes as fast as you buy, so it’s wise to invest in them. When a bit older, of course! But the point was, I think, a few quality pieces of clothing are better than a bursting wardrobe filled with Primark. Oh, and vintage stores are a con. Yes. £35 for someone’s second-hand cast aways that smell of mothballs? I don’t think so!


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