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April 30, 2007

Tuesday 1st May – Our 100th Post!

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Apologies for last week’s no show, it was a product of crashing my car and having 3 essays to write, but I’m back. And not in my usual capacity, either. Just to confuse you a little, I’m taking over Celebrity/TV from the lovely Denesha whilst she takes her A Levels (Good luck to you, lady, from everyone at your Patch), but am still going to write on a Tuesday. UK News, for the time being at least, is having a little rest because (as I seem to bemoan weekly) nothing’s really going on in Britain at the moment that I care enough about to be able pen a ramble to you fair Patchers.

Got that? Good. Sitting comfortably? Then my tales of Celebrity shall begin.

This week saw the arrest of Sugababe Amelle Berrabah. Know who she is? No, me neither, but apparently she’s the one who replaced the one who looked like some sort of chav troll hybrid. Anyway, apparently she had a bit of a barney with some girl in a nightclub. The lass was only telling the truth, Amelle, the Sugababes are crap.

Next, Britneywatch. She’s always doing something, isn’t she? Never a week goes by when she’s not going bald, trying to trash cars or having her photo taken with lap dancers. It’s all go in the life of Ms Spears, and this week is no different, as not only is she apparently planning a comeback gig, but she’s been caught speeding. It’s probably time someone took her car(s) away, isn’t it? If she’s not wrecking them or driving them at high speeds, our Brit is endangering her son’s life by driving with little Sean Preston on her lap. Make her walk!

In news to gladden any gangsta Take That fan’s heart (we‘re a small group, I‘ll admit), 50 Cent has plans to duet with Robbie Williams. It could work. Signs, by Snoop Dogg and Robbie’s American equivalent Justin Trousersnake, was a cracking little song, and hopefully this bodes well for the proposed collaboration. Innit.

Now, join me if you will for a televisual moment. A Doctor Who televisual moment, to be more precise. Expect such occasions to be a main feature of my Celebrity/TV columns, not only because I think Doctor Who is a very sexy programme, but also because I think David Tennant is a very sexy man and will grasp any opportunity to talk about him with both hands.

Quick warning that spoilers may be contained, incase you’ve not watched this week’s episode yet.

This week, then, the Daleks invaded 30s New York, probably the only place they haven’t invaded if we’re being completely honest. Yes, they get about, do the Daleks, and this time they were fusing with humans to create scary superDalek-Human hybrids. Beautiful Tennant interrupted the Dalekification (hey, new word) process by hugging a mast to conduct lightening (lucky mast…) which instilled within me a vain hope that the Dalek hybrids may all look like him, but no such luck. Instead it just helped him to defeat all but one of the Daleks yet again, with one escaping to pave the way for yet another “Hey, the Daleks are back” moment at some point in the near future.

Pros: Tennant glasses moment – Nuff said.
The end was alright, mostly because the Daleks were gone. I don’t much like Daleks.
Tallulah, I liked her.
Cons: The return of the Daleks. Did I mention I don’t much like Daleks?
Martha. She has one face for terror and surprise…and the way she says Dok-TAA is
becoming increasingly annoying.

Overall Rating? 5 out of 10.


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