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May 8, 2007

Tuesday 8th May – It’s not UK News but I like it.

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So, this week then, exciting news for Take That fans (all 6 of us) as a Take That musical has been announced. The unofficial West End production, ‘Never Forget’, almost made me wee myself with delight when I read about it. Sorry for that mental image, but it’s a brilliant idea.

Moving on, the almost impossibly even more exciting news (for me, anyway) that Lost is to end. Yes, the programme adored by millions will finish after three more seasons, and it’s not soon enough for me, my friends. Weekly since 2005 have I listened to workmates and college friends insist that it’s the most incredible show ever, but despite having watched a few episodes I just can’t see the appeal. By 2010 (when the show is to finally finish – a while yet then, sadly) they’ll hopefully all be ready to get rescued and live happily ever after.

What else? Geri Halliwell is apparently being strung along by David Walliams, which to my mind is about the only entertaining thing he’s ever done. Former Spice Girl Geri (aka. The one who left and then had a terrible, terrible solo career) was heard telling Mel B (aka. The one who called her poor child Angel Iris Murphy, which is child abuse in my book) that she likes Mr. Walliams but he never calls. Sob. Walliams, as you may be aware, has seen more women than a gynecologist so it’s hardly the most surprising news.

What is surprising news is that word has reached us here at The Patch that Amy Winehouse will be the next Bond Girl. Hilarious! Bond Girls are notoriously sexy, feminine women, so the assertion of producers that Amy (who in the nicest possibly way looks more than a little butch and has a speaking voice akin to that of Phil Mitchell from Eastenders) would be a good choice is either a) A complete lie or b) The result of a heavy night on the crack…

Finally, Patrick Moore, God love him, has suggested the BBC is crap now because it’s run by women. Pat, who is clearly just bitter over the move of his long running programme The Sky At Night to the graveyard slot, says there there should be less women on TV and that the answer is a beautiful Utopia where the woman run one BBC and the men run another. Presumably he has the money to fund this…Seriously, how can he think that in this day and age he can say that women shouldn’t be allowed on TV? For one, he’ll have Germaine Greer after him, and for two…there are just as many women on TV as men, it’s called equality… Interestingly, Moore also says that he’d “…rather be dead in a ditch” than appear on Celebrity Big Brother. I’m having to try so hard not to say what my immediate thoughts were on reading that, because one should never wish death on old men.


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  1. Noooo, noooo. Patrick Moore is a wonderful person. Honest. He’s just going a bit senile, but other than that, the man is legend (did you hear the story about why he never got married? Trust me, it changes your opinion on him.) And he’s right about the BBC being shit now (if you leave out the women part.) Once it loses Neighbours, it’ll have no relevance whatsoever. I’m sure the loss of Neighbours is what prompted the rant. Patrick and I are so in tune with one another.

    Comment by denesha — May 8, 2007 @ 9:45 pm | Reply

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