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May 23, 2007

Just an update

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Apologies for my lack of post this weekend- two exams last week, an essay due in and just general stress/ tiredness meant that it wasn’t something that was particularly high on my list of priorities. Hopefully I’ll be back this weekend though… you’ll just have to wait and see.

Anyway, some of you may recall an article I wrote about the judicial system, or apparent lack of in Britain. For those of you who aren’t up for reading the whole article, basically it involved someone attacking my friend (he has quite a noticeable scar under his eye, and his hand was in a cast for a while as a result). This was infront of two police officers who have both testified that the offender was guilty, which has been corroborated by other eye witness reports. The offender originally pleaded guilty. He since changed this to not-guilty because apparently he was drunk at the time of giving a statement (despite the fact that police use breathalisers to check you’re in a fit state to testify… OK then).

For some reason that we don’t know at the moment, the charges have been dropped against him. He gets off absolutely scott free and is perfectly able to wonder the streets and do exactly the same to the next person who he happens to not like the look of after a few pints.

Well done British judicial system, well done…


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