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June 6, 2007

Minor notings of interesting things

Filed under: Politics — freshlysqueezedcynic @ 5:41 am

Continuing my love of all things Ezra Klein (it’s purely platonic, I assure you), this post by a colleague of his noting that not only are the neoconservatives perfectly happy starting shit with the entire Muslim world, they wanted to fuck with an actual nuclear power, as well. My God, is there anything stupid that the current American government will not do?

Also good is this takedown of the myth of social mobility in America. The American Dream has long been a dream, since it is actually social democratic principles and policy which result in actual social mobility (as you can see, the Nordic countries have exceptionally high social mobility), rather than libertarian, neoliberal, or lassez faire policies, a theme I will return to later, and probably repeatedly. We should also look at what the conservative revolution has done for us Brits; our social mobility is just as low.

Kos says smart things about the failed plot by Islamic militants to bomb JFK airport, noting that the right-wing talking points about the War on Terror (“it’s useless just using law enforcement methods to fight terrorism”, “we’re fighting them over there so we don’t have to over here”, “infringement of civil liberties are needed to fight modern terrorism”) are straight-out bullshit.


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