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August 12, 2007

Sunday 12th August 2007.

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It’s been a while. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn’t it? And a change is as good as the rest, so they say, which is why, dear Patchers, the wind of change is about to caress The Patch. Cliches aside, we have decided to try a different approach in our reporting in the hope that we will return to our former 7-days-a-week-baby glory, filling your lives in ways only we can.

In laymans terms, there will be no ‘days’ for particular subjects anymore, nor will us Patchists be confined to reporting one subject. And we’ll see how that works.

Me, I fancy revisiting my old haunt, Celebrity, today, because Amy Winehouse is troubling me.

I like Amy Winehouse. Yes, she’s a chav of the highest degree, but I loathe to admit that I find the music catchy and enjoyed seeing her the other week supporting the Arctic Monkeys. Plus, y’know, her private life is entertaining enough too, marrying people with funny names and missing gigs and generally being ‘rock-n-roll’.

She’s admitted to hitting her husband to get her own way. The feminists rejoiced, the Domestic Violence Groups cried abuse. She appears on TV shows and at gigs as drunk as an Irish man after a trip to the Guinness factory and people worry, bemoaning the downward spiral of a talented singer. Me, I just admire the gaul she has letting herself be seen that way, whilst still managing to put on a good performance. Indeed, when I saw her, she was clearly smacked off her tits, if you’ll excuse the colloquialism, but still managed to sound alright.

Anyway, ramble aside, what makes me write about her today is that this week, she was rushed to hospital suffering a drugs overdose, and is in the News of the World today claiming she doesn’t know what into her (err…a few too many grams of coke and a load of horse tranquiliser, Amy love).

She has vowed to change, but don’t they always? Anyone who knows who she is could have predicted it would end up like this, and nobody really tried to stop it. Because the media likes a troubled artist. Look at Pete Doherty. I don’t like him, but the tabloids report he’s off the wagon again with sickening glee, and that just seems a bit wrong to me. His constant misfortune is almost what’s expected of him, so why try to change, when nobody believes that you won’t just do a Paula Yates and not wake up one day? And they’re doing the same to Amy Winehouse, reporting her misfortunes greedily, hoping that the next time she’ll die so that they have something interesting to write about.

That’s the problem with celebrity. Because we are all jealous, we’re just waiting for those in the spotlight that we all crave to fail. So it worries me, because as long as Amy Winehouse is in that spotlight, she won’t be allowed to change, because it’s too easy to fall back into the habits that are expected of her. She might not even want to change. Most probably her appearance in the News of the World is an attempt by her record company at damage control, so that parents will still let their kids buy her records. There is no mention of help, infact she says she’s going back to work on Monday. When what she really should be doing is saying “Yes, yes, yes” to Rehab for once.

Oh, come on, you knew it was coming.


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