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April 14, 2009

Tuesday 14th April 2009.

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Hello there. Doubtlessly, very few people probably read this blog anymore, but I needed a rant and thought this was the place. So, blog necro I shall, because I can.

The reason I need to rant is summarised here. Yes, having your wife die of cancer apparently absolves you of all sins if you believe the tabloids. If your clicking finger has failed you, let me summarise.

Jack Tweed, professional hanger on and husband of the late Saint Jade of Bermondsey has been sentenced today to twelve weeks imprisonment for what The Sun admits was a ‘vicious assault’ of a taxi driver in May last year. Despite this, there is an incredibly sympathetic air to the above article, with Tweed being pitied as ‘grief-stricken’ and ‘tender’ in his nursing of his terminally diseased wife.

The main bugbear for me is how it seems to gloss over the violence that Tweed committed purely on the basis of who he was married to. This is wrong. If you commit a crime, you deserve the punishment. In Tweed’s case, the crime was commited previous to his now wife’s medical problems, and therefore cannot justifiably be used as an excuse for his actions. Whilst it is obviously sad that a man has become a widower at 21, it should never be a reason why he should be given special treatment when it comes to the law. The fact is that this is a man who, whoever he is now, has seriously injured two people through no fault of their own. Since when is it OK to gloss over that just because you’re in the papers a bit?

A secondary issue is why this man is excused from questioning for his post-Goody actions. If someone you knew went out for a Chinese the night after their wife died, would you not question the genuinity of their love for that person? Would you not think it was a bit off for them to be going to a theme park with a glamour model a week after her funeral? I would hope so, and yet because it’s Jack Tweed, it’s put down to grief. Call me cynical, but it makes me feel like he is using her death as an excuse, that he saw an opportunity to be absolved for his actions by marrying with a dying woman.

It all makes me a bit angry. The Saint Jade saga in general has had that effect on me, if I’m honest. It’s the change from complete vilification to Princess Diana like adoration which is now being transferred into pity for a violent criminal. So what if Tweed has changed since then? He still did those things. And there is no telling whether he even has changed. Are we supposed to believe it just because he supposedly cared for a terminally ill woman? Can we even believe that that happened, considering his actions since his wife’s death?

Soft soaping of idiots in the media shouldn’t be happening. It gives the message that it’s OK to hit a bloke with a golf club if you have a famous dead wife, or that it’s OK to be a racist when you get cancer. Anyone with sense probably knows that it’s not. But then, such people are probably about 1% of The Sun’s readership. And it’s nobody’s fault but theirs for buying it.


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